Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lessons learned

The new year is upon us. How did we get to 2010, a new decade? Time is certainly speeding up and I have so many things I want to do. I better hurry.
A reflection on the year brings to mind the 5k I ran in November. My favorite blogger, The Realist has asked me to write a post on my first 5k. Check out the realist's blog, for great health information. A personal insight into a real person's quest for healthy eating, exercise, and the stumbling blocks on the way. Her advice is very palatable. Lesson learned: new year's resolution includes reading this blog to keep my health goals in check.
The show I was accepted into, Members Juried Exhibit produced an award of merit. Unfortunately I left the opening before the awards were announced so was surprised and delighted to receive the news via email. Lesson learned: stick around.
I have included a photo of "Lucy's Dogs" the commission I did before Christmas. This piece is acrylic, 30"x 40" with a gallery wrap. What a challenge and a treat to work on this piece. Lesson learned: shipping large paintings across the country takes lots of preparation.
The last month of the year was a great one for sales. Thank you to the wonderful people who thought enough of my work to purchase it to look at daily or to give as a gift. Lesson learned: I am blessed with people who encourage me, many without even knowing how important their confidence in me has been.
Please come back for an update on the 5k article, check out the blog, and a surprise project for the new year.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Come in for a Landing at Avalon Island

The 5th Annual Artists Members Juried Exhibit will hold its opening at the Gallery at Avalon Island this Thursday evening, December 17th. The reception is from 6:00-9:00. If you have never been to this space treat yourself with a visit for the opening event or at some point during this show which will be from December 17- January 15, 2010. The address is 39 S. Magnolia Avenue in downtown Orlando. This is the intersection of Pine and Magnolia, a fantastic turquoise colored building. There will be refreshments Thursday evening and the public is invited.
95 artists will have work shown in this juried show. Lady of the Stars, my acrylic 18"x 24" painting will be hanging for visitors to see. Not a print or giclee, but live and in person.
This copyrighted image to the left is entitled, Coming in for a Landing. Blessings from me to you this holiday season and in the coming new year.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snowman in tow

Moving forward with snowmen in tow to the Trinity Art Bazaar on Friday. Come and support your local artists and see this piece, I Want That One.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ho Ho Ho

In preparation for an art bazaar this week I am mounting some Christmas scenes on wood covered by Christmas themed paper. The image is then protected by a piece of plexiglass nailed to the board with decorative upholstery tacks. A little "ho ho ho" as the season takes off and we all run to keep up with it.
Take a break today with something or somebody that reminds you of good cheer and a warm happy household.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Run+ family+feast+friends+art=smile+gratitude

What a ride/run it has been through the last week. Thanksgiving morning I ran my first 5k, the Turkey Trot. I ran the whole way! My children ran with me, rather way ahead of me, they are pretty fast, 23:28 and 24:28, I was 39:40. After only a month and a half of training I am pleased that I could make that time. The great feeling of accomplishment will keep me going to more races in the future. We then feasted with dear friends and family. The next day my email brought the news that The Lady of the Stars had been accepted for the 5th Annual Artists Members Juried Show. The exhibit will be open from December 17th to January 14th at the beautiful Gallery at Avalon Island.
This is a nice way to kick off the season. Optimistic and healthy and grateful.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

hee hee hee Christmas trees

The third in the series of Christmas cards. This is the first painting I produced, the one I started with. The horizon line has continued through the series so they could even be displayed together as a triptych.(That word always sends me to spellcheck.)
Thanksgiving is next week, the season is upon us. The family is gathering. I couldn't be more grateful.
Thank you.

Friday, November 20, 2009

No Red Nose

In keeping with the previous post I am showing the reindeer card.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jazz Hands

For anybody who has had a dance class the title of this entry will bring back memories. Yes, even snowmen have theatrical moments.
I started a series of Christmas line drawing/paintings. Here is one of them. As in the past I am using Artagain black paper, acrylics and gelly roll white pen. This is so much fun. There are two others in the series.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vermilion One Piece in the Dark Palette

The color from last week's palette could only be called vermilion. This is defined by Infoplease as a chemical compound of mercury and sulfur, red sulfide of mercury. Wow sounds hot, like this beach babe. Other words like salmon swam through my mind, but they could not come close to this woman's suit. Funny how the reds and oranges could blend together without a human hand and become such a beautiful bright color. What happens on a palette when the lights are turned out and the artist goes to bed?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Yesterday's classes went well. I think. The children seemed interested, the teachers seemed interested. The copper craft was a success. Louis Comfort Tiffany was a pretty interesting person and his art is so splendid and beautiful. All and all something fun to share.
Back in the studio.

Monday, November 9, 2009


My first day doing outreach for the Morse Museum is today. (If you haven't been, this is a jewel box of a place. The most beautiful glass, art, jewelry, the whole collection a must for your next trip to Orlando.) I am a little nervous. I have shadowed other people who do this. They are brilliant at their presentations. A gentleman advised me that I would find my own style and be fine. I hope I have found it. I will make the intro about the colorful life of Louis Comfort Tiffany and move into his enamels, colors, etc. Then we do the very creative painting on copper squares. A truly awesome! craft for little children. Here we go. Five classes of little people. This should be fun when I get over the sheer terror.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another new computer

I am preparing some pieces for a few upcoming shows. The need for frames and the expense of frames made me put the creative juices in action. Sometimes that leads to a diversion from the point. The point here is to finish the paintings so somebody could purchase one for a gift and not have to worry about how it should be framed or hung. While purusing Amazon for ideas I came upon Frame It! by Tonia Davenport. She has wonderful ideas for untraditional frames. I have combined a few and have come up with somethings that work. These are some of my acrylic and white gelly roll pen pieces on black paper in their new frames. Animal Magnet, mixed media, 8"x 9" on the left and Blue Birds, also mixed media, 12"x 10.5" on the right.
P.S. My new computer's power button stopped working. The manufacturer would not repair only replace. So here I am reloading everything back in the computer, all of the software, artwork, photos, printers, ugh. Not again!
All artwork is the property of Beth Crews Rommel and may not be reproduced without her written consent.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Doodles of Poodles

In preparation for the commission poodle portrait I found I had poodles on the brain. Here I was painting another beach lady when her empty hands called out to be holding something. I was thinking about beach balls when poodles made their entrance. Now this is hardly a portrait poodle, more a poodle doodle, but it is the thought that counts.
All of these thoughts came as I was enjoying Golden, Colorado. Much to my total delight we had snow. For a born and raised southerner this was a gift. Back in Florida, 90 degrees and muggy. More dreams of moving west and north.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Thanks, Mom and Dad

Working away with Robert Plant and Alison Krauss singing in the background, me singing in the foreground. That is a terrifying reality, ask my family. It is so good to be back in the studio. Continuing in the same style as the "Beach Lady" with this new piece, "Thank you, Mom and Dad". It is small, 8"x10". The fine white lines are going to ruin the remaining vision I have. It is hard to be inside with the magnificent weather we are having. A weekend in the garden was what I really needed to feel rejuvenated. I received a commission yesterday for a large pet fantasy portrait of two poodles. It will be in the same style as this painting, "Harold's Fantasy." A Christmas gift! Uh oh! The countdown has officially begun for making gifts. 53 days until Hanukkah and 67 until Christmas. Thank you Alyson for the countdown.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hello home

Home after a week in Houston helping family. It is good to be home, wherever home might be. If you read this blog very often you know I pine for the west and for cooler weather. I do. Houston had a few fall like days while I was there. It makes me hopeful that we can return to the out of doors and enjoy the garden again. Since the weather was nice on my visit I spent an evening outside drawing the branches of an oak tree in the backyard. That will come later this weekend when it is completed with the white line outline. Hmm a little rhythm to that phrase..."white line outline". I am posting a small 8"x10" painting. The "white line outline" is the finishing touch on this new beach lady. Seems it will work on trees, leaves, and people. Once those gelly roll pens.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Citrus on black paper

In a recent comment I made on another artist's blog I mentioned how I start my new paintings. I take the paint remaining on my palette from my last piece and spread it over the new canvas. In doing this I have found myself starting on interesting colored backgrounds. When I didn't have a palette to clean I was using dark colors, even black. So leap forward to just using black paper to start with. This painting is of the citrus trees in our garden. The bluebirds represent a spirit that watches over me. I used acrylic paint on the 18"x22" black paper. Then outlined each element in white gelly roll ink (still love that stuff). It has a batik like appearance. You can click on the photo to see it in detail.A new method to explore.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Studio Time Available or a Room with a View

This fall I am offering studio time for aspiring and already there artists. As the weather becomes what Florida is all about: cool, clear and inviting we begin to think about gifts for the holidays. There is always the thought that this year I will make something for my friends and family. Weeks go by and it is Thanksgiving and time is flying by. Next thing you know you are in a mall trying to figure out what can I buy Aunt Myrtle when she already has everything and doesn't like anything or anybody anyway.
My studio and I can offer you:
New and clean workspace.
Natural light.
Outdoor paved patio.
New Orleans coffee or herbal tea.
Library of art books and magazines for inspiration.
A turntable so you can choose your own tunes to work by.
Tricks and techniques from a professional artist.
Flexible schedule to suit your needs.

You bring the materials and ideas, I provide the expertise and help you achieve beautiful results.
For $20 per hour you will get all of the things mentioned above, plus the satisfaction of producing an original gift, something that will be treasured and kept much longer than a Santa tie or an argyle sweater.
To set up a time contact me through my website at or email me at

Monday, September 28, 2009

Home's not merely four square walls, home is where affection calls.

I have moved back to my home studio. I thought it would be apropos to have a photo of where I will be working, but it is a jumble of chairs, paintings, supplies, and projects I am working on. Instead here are some of the unmentioned reasons I returned. A great view, when it is tamed, of my studio garden. A bleeding heart vine, one of the things that is happy to reside in the steamy out of doors, a gift from our French friend, Herve. And as most artists tend to have, a studio cat, Harold. His ancient friend, Scratch is not up for a portrait session after celebrating her 19th birthday yesterday with her boy who is away at college. I will follow up with the way the studio would look if nobody did any work in here. Oh merde, an ant crawling on my neck from our brief photo shoot outside. FLORIDA!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Death in Venice

When we were married almost thirty years ago a dear friend gave us a beautiful print she had made. It was an empty beach chair sitting on the sand. The title really grabbed us along with the incredible mastery of printmaking she showed at the age of twenty-one. The beach ball I painted this summer reminds me of Elizabeth's piece in spirit only. The end of summer, quiet beaches when kids are back in school and families have returned to their routines away from vacation destinations. Elizabeth where are you?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Night in the Museum

Yes, really, Night in the Museum. I watched it last night. Without little people in the house I have missed so many good children's and family movies. While visiting my daughter in DC a few weeks ago I saw a bus drive by with Night in the Smithsonian on the side. A message with wheels. So I followed through and really enjoyed this movie.
One of my favorite books is From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankenwiler. Another night in a museum. This time in the Metropolitan. While in New York earlier this summer I had a quick trip through the Metropolitan Museum. I was continually reminded of the book and the children hiding in a sarcophagus.
A nice romp, as they say. A romp through the museum.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


During the summer our studio had a group of Red Hat Ladies visit. They were stopping by before lunch at the restaurant next door. I thought I would do some special small pieces with them in mind. The ladies didn't make any purchases so I still have this piece which lends itself to any frustration anybody faces. "Really?"

Monday, September 21, 2009

Run Sandhill Run!

I was reading an article in the Orlando Sentinel today. It seems not only do we have Burmese Pythons running/slithering wild in the state, we now have African Rock Pythons. They are typically only 16 feet long, but can grow to 20 feet. They will feed in Florida on raccoons and among other things water birds. Here is one of our local birds, the sandhill crane. I can't say they are water birds, but they are natives here. Usually seen in pairs or in families with one or two children. I often see them in nearby pastures, but have seen them on neutral grounds on busy streets and one family frequented our bank. Hope they are watching out for those pesky pythons.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pencils bring Mr. Vegetable

I am working with a friend on a project that requires my illustration skills. The ones I want to hone. When I grow up I want to be an illustrator. I better hurry up. Here is one of the first pieces. It is on an ancient piece of Pantone paper from college days, filed away in a flat file for all of this time. (The giant wooden flat file has lived in garages in San Antonio, Colleyville, Texas and Orlando. What a great gift this was. We bought a house in San Antonio from the architect who had retired from his practice. He was so kind. I became the owner of a giant drafting table and giant flat file due to his largesse. They are still living with me.) Back to the illustration, Mr. Vegetable. He is primarily color pencil. I haven't played with them in so long, but I love the bright colors against the smooth blue. This was a happy accident. The ease of the pencils, the portability and the fun are bringing them to the top of my materials list.
P.S. HP and Geek Squad deemed it necessary to replace my computer with a new one. Thank you to the technical powers that be for that blessing. I think I am me again.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Stay or go?

When I took the blogging class taught by Alyson Stanfield this summer we had an assignment to write a list of future topics to blog about. I tried to look forward and see what issues I would be facing as the months rolled by. To stay or to go from my public studio was a topic I listed. I am at that point now. I have stewed over this and come to the conclusion that it is better to move back to my home studio. I have learned so much being in the public space with other artists. I have also learned my audience is in a different part of the city. The drive to the small town is more than many are able to schedule in their days with children and full calendars. I understand it is a fun destination for a day trip, but a drop-in on the spur of the moment is not possible for my clients who live at least 30 minutes and a freeway away. At the end of the month I will pack up my supplies, furniture, and paintings and come home. It will be a sad time to leave great people and a little town trying so hard to become an artist community. It will also be possible to refocus on one workspace, my on-line presence, and the quiet of my empty nest.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wishing I was in the west.

Sigh...the great western United States. We are home after an extended trip through Colorado, Wyoming and north to Whitefish, Montana. The mountains, the water, the flowers, the magnificence are unparallelled. I know that is trite, but it is true. These are places that touch your heart. I can't wait to go back.
Dropping our son at college was a difficult maternal moment, but he is happy and that is what is you want. Home again to Florida summer, enough said. So much time has elapsed and so much has happened that I will just pick up today and begin again.
...and the computer is still not fixed. The local Geek Squad is blaming HP, HP is looking into it. More than a month in their hands. I am adapting to an alien laptop that is trying its hardest, but just isn't the same. I will give credit when credit is due to whoever gets this fixed.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back it up

If I tell you another tree beside our house was struck by lightning last Thursday you probably won't believe me, so I won't tell you. My computer has been shipped off, new phones have been purchased again. Yes, we have giant, powerful surge protectors on the electronics and the whole house.
The front page of the Orlando Sentinel this morning says,"Warning! Florida can be hazardous to your health." Reading through the list we can put a check by lightning, hurricanes, Burmese pythons. I see alligators every time I drive to the Sanford studio. (There was one at our children's' school too.) They forgot to mention bears, we had two in our neighborhood. Oh!and the water moccasins, who knows how many there are in our yard. We have a friend who can check off sharks from his list.
So there won't be any pictures for a little while.
Back up everything...daily! I do it regularly so have CDs of most things. I had just refiled my photos the night before. The external hard drive wouldn't connect since the lightning had damaged the connection before and our repair person couldn't find a problem. The latent damage from lightning is real. I paid over $100 to retrieve everything when it could have cost as little as a short amount of time and the cost of a CD for the night's efforts. An external hard drive that won't connect is not a good excuse, go the extra mile and get it done, somehow. Think of all of your paintings sold and in some other person's hands. No visual record of them. The stories and great novels you have started. Gone. Your family history...poof.
Some services now offer an automatic daily back-up for $140 for four years. Things happen. Be proactive.
Thank you for the comments. I am still trying to figure out how to respond to some. Any ideas on how to reply so the author of the comment knows you appreciate their efforts? I can't always link back to them.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A little recycle

Cleaning up the studio I found some papers I had used to protect my table. There was a Rorschach of black paint on one of them. Thinking of the painting a day scenario I decided to play a little. Here is what happened. I think I am longing for days in San Antonio and Santa Fe watching mariachis or flamenco or conjunto performers.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Treasure in the pool

Back to the pool again this morning. After a few weeks of dragging myself to the Y for water aerobics I am realizing how much I like it. The exercise is okay and the people are great! I have been in exercise classes my whole adult life. Never have I been in a group where my classmates are so eager to say hello and introduce themselves. These are such nice folks. I am learning a lot sitting in the sauna warming up after our hour in the water. That is where the scoop is heard. There are illnesses, retirement plans, and a lot of arthritis. Thank you members of the morning water aerobics class. You are a treasure.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Then the Levees Failed

In preparation for a busy day at the studio/gallery I spent the last several days painting small pieces. The thought was, in these economic times why not offer something for all pocketbooks. More birds, a sandhill crane (which are everywhere in our neighborhood. They are accompanied by their children at this time of year.)and some flying people who morphed into floating people were the subject matter.
Being from New Orleans I have a soft spot for the place. As seedy, humid, dark, and morose as it is, it is also beautiful, colorful, creative, and warm in its humanity. I know all sides, I lived there. I knew people of all types there, the really good and the really not so good. These little paintings, 5"x7" on watercolor paper, have finally expressed some of my feelings about Katrina. There is a sad floating loss. The political aspects of this have gotten so out of hand the reality has been totally lost. I have my views, but they would not be popular in the present blame those last guys atmosphere so they will stay in my heart. Because I did live there. I do know the truth.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Birds and Brides

The studio/gallery where my work is displayed, Gallery on First, has a very cool Vendo-Art machine. You can find them scattered around the country in different art venues. They are old cigarette machines that have been recycled to dispense wooden blocks that have been decorated by artists. The token to pay with is $5.00.
One of our responsibilities as artists in this gallery is to keep the machine filled with original art. All proceeds go to print invitations for openings or purchase refreshments. It has worked very well.
I have a small following of people who like my little blocks. One woman came to find me and asked when I would paint more of them. Another bride to be cautiously entered my studio. She said she was using the blocks I had painted for gifts for her bridesmaids. I have never been more flattered.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Spare me

The lack of a/c in our house especially in my studio is giving everything a heavy feel. Clothes feel heavy, food feels heavy, dark paintings feel heavy, paint feels heavy. The spare lines from the weekend sketches at Lake Eola are what I am feeling today. The man's profile and the woman and her camera, quick gesture type drawings with a brown gelly roll pen...still love those things. So spare us the Florida heat without air conditiong. This reminds me of the post I made right after the lightning strike. It went something like least we have electricity and therefore air conditioning unlike the days following the hurricanes of years past. Spare me.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Orlando Draw Crawl

What a great idea...meeting other artists and taking a drawing tour of the Lake Eola area. I was able to stay only a very short time, but enjoyed it. Thank you Thomas for organizing this event. ( breeze off the lake even in the Florida summer at 8:00 a.m. is very pleasant. There were a multitude of people walking their dogs. The surprise was how many pit bulls there were. I thought there were a lot of them in our area because it is rural, I guess it is an Orlando/Florida thing.
Back to work in the home studio without a/c,(we are wondering if it could be the remnants of the lightning strike that brought everything to a halt.)
Following the guidance of our fearless leader, Alyson Stanfield, the art marketing guru ( I carried my things (to an air conditioned room) and started labeling my folders for the files she suggested in her book. Amazingly the next day I needed some information quickly (to apply for the Bravo Series on art) (that is another blog)and there it was at my fingertips, organized and ready to go. Thank you Alyson.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Lightning strikes again

A tree outside my studio door was struck last Tuesday evening. I was in the process of turning everything off when it hit. So the ordeal begins again, this happened last fall almost the same spot. New phones, new alarm system, rebuild computer, new modem and router, new land line...We have a surge protector on the whole house and surge protectors on computers. My computer is on a hi-speed connection so has an actual wire attaching it to the internet cable. This is how it damaged my computer, not through the electric connection. So be forewarned if you are using dial-up use a surge protector that has a phone connection too. If you know of a protector for ethernet please let me know. This is getting very old. Living in Florida, the lighting strike capital of the world we are careful. This is not the pretty heat lightning, this is very violent and dangerous stuff. It was snapping around our house in the trees for about 20 minutes. It was long and pretty scary. BUT we still had electricity and therefore air conditioning. After hurricane seasons without this was a breeze. Relatively speaking.
I am off my computer for a few more days then it should be wired and transmitting.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Garden sketch

Still trying to work on the painting a day idea...this is from a photo of the garden in early spring.It looks like a sketch to me. The piece is acrylic on layout board. Board is covered in gray gesso. Outlines are done with those gelly roll pens that I love.

Friday, June 12, 2009

It ain't over...

This week I decided to venture into a new world. That of water aerobics. Several months ago I tore tendons in my right arm. It still hurts when I lift anything of any weight. So...I have been trying to figure out a new approach to healing. That explains why I have joined the ladies and gentlemen of the early aquarobics class. This morning we had a different teacher. Things were going along pretty well, good workout, warm water...then she said,"Find a partner." Probably the two scariest words in the English language when you are in an exercise class of any description. Scarier when she says the men won't like this...merde. She turned on waltz music and we were told to waltz with hands in the air toward our partner, high five and go back to our side of the pool, repeat with holding each others' hands in the air and making circles, repeat with elbows locked in a square dance pose. We were laughing out of total horror. One man found an adorable little Asian lady. He was swinging her around and around. I think he had looked for an excuse to get his hands on her for a long time. My partner was the little lady with lots of jewelry who couldn't float with the styrofoam noodle. The teacher had to jump in to help her when she kept rolling over facedown. She was a little round and finally with the help of two noodles could do the leg exercises.
I have often taken the birds' eye view of the water aerobics classes from the upstairs weight room. I have thought what great subject matter this would be. Some of you know my history of painting Ladies at the Beach. My first piece(photo above) was in college, an acrylic assignment. I am not sure how I came up with it, but by the time it was finished one of the ladies looked like my favorite waitress, Mary, at the Torch diner. It was the restaurant where students could drink endless cups of coffee, get great breakfasts and grilled cheese for little money and be waited on by surrogate moms...
Things go full circle, now I am in one of my paintings. I am realizing a canvas isn't large enough to hold these stories. We'll see 'cause it ain't over...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Love those "gelly rolls"

After reading several blogs and seeing the daily painting idea come up several times I have decided to give it a try. I was looking for small pieces of illustration board when I found some layout board from long past days as a graphic designer. Yes, the old cut and paste grids. After a coat of grey gesso the board had some tooth and body. I painted in a loose floral and some blue birds. This was something I could see outside my studio window. After the paint had dried I went in with a black gelly roll pen and did some line work for definition. This is the part I like the most, decorating the piece.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I am happy to report our kitchen is being taken over by tomatoes from the garden. We have lived in Florida for 10 years and can attest to the fact that the worst soil in the nation is here. Our Christmas present to each other last year, a real vegetable garden! I perused the web and found a tomato seed site, All I wanted was Creole Tomato seeds to try to copy what I grew up with in Lousiana. We started the seeds in January in little peat forward 6 months, drought, wind, freezes, and torrential rains later and we have an assortment of tomatoes. They took 10 years to grow, but "om om."

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Studio Landscape

I began a painting for the summer show using the view from my studio window as inspiration. Somehow a transformation took place and the finished piece looked like a view of a savannah or desert. I was trying to analyze how this happened and realized I often am guided by color. If I have just painted a purple sky I look for something to make it livelier (I just can't use the word "pop"). The reds are next to the purples, the blue and orange together. I at first thought it was a complimentary color combination, but I see that isn't accurate at all. Pictured is the view from the window and the piece now hanging in the Gallery on First.
This view was a jumping off point as opposed to the painting being a copy of what I see. In looking at my paintings you will see that is true of most of them.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Graduation, visitors, family, gallery opening, parties have all come and gone. Incredible memories are still with me:
1.the faculty clapping for the students as they exited the auditorium with the bells ringing
2.child after child joining the line for photos
3.the man who made ice cream to order with liquid nitrogen (really)
4.taking my sister to the airport
5.wishing my daughter could be home for the summer like the old days
6.realizing how many great friends we have
7.the gallery filled with cheerful people supporting their friends and enjoying the art. Thank you friends, old and new, for taking your Saturday evening to join us.
8.trying to find my way out of the Metropolitan Museum in a time crunch. Going from Van Gogh to Cezanne to Degas looking for the exit and having to leave without looking at each of them.
9.suggestions for new directions.
10.stretching out on the sofa for a day and reviewing the month past.
I am posting two photos to see the transformation one painting made to feel worthy of appearing at the show. She was originally "Mother Nature"(on right). She has become in her own creepy way, "Blue Birds."

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Meaning of Life: Graduation and the Gallery

My youngest is graduating from high school this Saturday. This means we will have a wonderful weekend, celebrating great accomplishments. He has done so well and made so many good friends, this means it will be an emotional weekend. Family coming from out of town to celebrate, this means late nights with lots of talking. It is hot and humid, this is Florida, so this means...ugh.
Next weekend is the opening at Gallery on First. Dreaming up titles to paintings, framing, thinking of decorations, this means my head is swirling. Is this piece finished? Is this piece signed? Is this what I was meaning to do?
This means never wait for the perfect time. There is never a perfect time.
And oh, by the way, I am going to New York City for one night.
This really does mean jump in, relax and enjoy. This is life and this is what it means.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Photos for reference

I was looking at a basket of orchids that were given to me 2 years ago when my dad died. They were so beautiful, I was hopeful they would survive. They have thrived outside my studio window. In the deepest shade, getting all the humidity Florida has to offer. I photographed them for reference for future paintings. Several years ago I started photographing our kitchen concoctions. I would then add the photo to our family cookbook, makes it seem legit, hard evidence.
This spring our vegetable garden has produced such a variety and quantity of foods that I wanted to record it. The camera has been in the kitchen taking pictures of green beans, peas, herbs, ruby chard, and tomatoes. Photo! A dear friend brought a pot of parrot tulips to us for our graduation party. Photo! After Christmas I painted a picture of the fruit that arrived from an aunt in Phoenix. Some pears and apples, instant still-life, but I can't paint as fast as it ages! Lemons, limes, oranges from the trees in the winter. Photo!
I am not always in sync with the garden or with whatever would lend itself as subject matter. (I found out during a painting class that tulips open when exposed to light. The still life kept changing over a two hour period. A Disney nature film before our eyes.) I may not need the reference for years, but I have it recorded. A photo!
P.S. If you have an store keep it going. This morning Good Morning America did a story about artists/crafters who have had great success on the site. Free publicity for the site and your work. Must get that updated myself.