Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Self publishing

Anybody know anything about this? In my research I see there are lots of places that can help you print your books, get an ISBN number, get a copyright, distribute through Amazon and send your books to you in a week. AS W said, now you have to sell them. He always has a way of seeing through the fog and getting to the point. I have wispy cloud filled dreams of sitting before a crowd of adoring children with Melvin on their lips, chanting for more of his adventures. Hmmm seems very similar to the dreams I had of being a librarian.
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Moleskin live feed

That is a bizarre title and if somebody hasn't been following this story-line they would be sure this is a hunting/ animal torture site. The opening of the moleskin journal/Sketchbook project in Atlanta was Friday night. There was a live feed set up so you could watch. For an hour or more I couldn't get on so felt like I hadn't been invited to a party that I had planned and decorated for. Finally able to access it. People walking like marionettes with that computer thing that happens to us all when we are being broadcast digitally. A conversation flowing from all over the country as participants watched from there computer vantage points. We all wanted to be there or make a connection with another part of the techno audience. Having your book picked up and showed to the camera was the highpoint for some of the viewers. My pinky/red journal was not one of them, but there were over a thousand to look at. Sorry I can't go to DC this Tuesday to see them at the Contemporary Arts Museum. That would be a blast.A huge thank you to the men who have put this together and will escort them around the east coast and midwest....