Monday, January 24, 2011

I Put My Mind to This.

This is "Playing a Little Love. The Violin Lady." She is now being shown at Artistree Co-op. Painting something joyous is a good counter to the graphic design projects I do on the side. Or is it I paint on the side? The graphics have been my mainstay since I graduated from college in the "cut and paste" days. My job producing yearbooks took me out of the dark ages into the forefront of technology where I learned to use photoshop and indesign. I am eternally grateful for that job. I left my comfort zone and learned so many things. The most important thing I learned is that I could do whatever I put my mind to.
I am going back through the curriculum from Alyson Stanfield's Blast Off class. I took the class a year ago and have decided to revisit my goals, tolerations, etc. I rewrote my affirmations.
1. I choose to build others up.
2. I choose to have faith and believe wholly in God.
3. I choose to be healthy: to eat fruit and vegetables and exercise daily.
4. I choose to dispose of the unnecessary, unkind and untrue.
5. I choose self discipline and strength.
6. I choose to grow in vision...see more of what the world and others have to offer.

There are more, but they are not relevant in this post. I will put my mind to these, as I can do whatever I put my mind to. Even number 3...ugh.

Monday, January 3, 2011

The First Journal Entry

Here is the first art journal entry for the 2011 project. The prompt pertained to a zebra pattern. Follow is fun to see what women around the world are thinking.