Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring has sprung

The accountant and crook journal pages were created on the gray gesso as a background. Pictures from the Wall Street Journal of Bernie were used for the crook. Sudoku as well as a copyright free drawing were part of the accountant page. The lumber jack is a composite of paper patterns and copyright free face. The trees are cut paper with marker drawn tree rings, all on top of more colored paper. The fine white paper is too thin for the kind of thing I like to do. An extra layer either through gesso or paint or actual sheets of paper was a necessity.
I used scrapbook adhesive tabs to apply paper to French door windows that separate the studio from the rest of the house. It was so simple and blocks the view for night lights. As the huge plants that provide a screen die back the view to the street becomes more clear.
Melvin is definitely back on the drafting table.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


What a wonderful weekend being in the great west in Colorado. The mountains in the distance covered in snow so incredibly majestic. The mountains close-up spirited with streams and rocks and boulders. Could there be any more of a contrast than being in Florida and being in Colorado? I was refreshed and filled up by the beauty and family (can't wait for M to join us there) time away from the technology that intrudes daily/hourly.
SO there was time to think about the next mission. Carrying on with the grey gesso and white patterns. Using more realistic still lives and subjects to work off of. Also Melvin is back on the drafting table. Beginning to paint and repaint his pages. A suggestion by B to bring him out and maybe add a doll to his publishing future. Must check into self publishing the fact that he has to overcome a problem or social ill is the feedback I have received from the professionals. I know as a parent and librarian for elementary children that there is a place for a nice story in every child's life. A comfort not a conflict is like a little prayer. More on Mel later.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The rubber rat

The white rubber rat is sitting on the printer, next to the rubber tarantula, looking at me. He is waiting for me to get creative. The project journal is done so what next? I have posted a calendar to get the upcoming competitions in front of me. Rather than a stack of entry information and forms that I only see the top of, I figured the words on the wall will get through to me. A show in Maitland is coming up. Must send CD of photos and see if I can borrow a tent if I am accepted. Melvin needs another scanning to take as a gift to a little cousin.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It is done

The journal has been shipped to Project Sketchbook in Atlanta. If it sells I won't see it again, if not it will be back. The list of cities it is scheduled to visit has grown and other artists are posting some of their work. Hopefully I can catch up with it in Washington DC.
So back to the easel and on with a new piece...

Friday, February 13, 2009


I received another light from my friend in North Carolina yesterday. we were childhood friends in New Orleans, an incredibly creative, curious person who figures out how to do anything. It is the way her mind works. (She is even one of the moleskin pages, glass blower.) This new light changes colors. I moved it around to the studio window so we could watch it as we relaxed on the patio, then moved it back to the pool so I could see it from the house. I love it, it is very magical.
Thank you P.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Moleskin Journal continues

more journal pages...

The pink grapefruit

The box of grapefruit arrived yesterday. While my dad was alive he sent a big box of pink grapefruit from Harlingen, Texas to us for Christmas. Regardless of where we lived it would arrive in time for us to munch on throughout the holiday. The last few years things have been different without him. Not only do I miss him terribly everyday, especially when I want to tell him about M.'s professional success and W.'s college acceptances, but also the little symbols of his generosity in the fruitcake delivered from Texas, the tamales delivered from Texas, the ham delivered from Texas, and of course the pink grapefruit. Delivered from Texas. After a wait, through Christmas, we went ahead and ordered our own pink grapefruit. We have citrus trees in our yard. We have nurtured them to the point where we get baskets of giant Meyer lemons, early limes, red blood oranges, and those little yellow things that look prettier than they taste. But nothing is as good as the pink grapefruit from Texas, especially the pink grapefruit from my dad from Texas.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wild things

On my walk with MC Hammer this morning I actually saw a crawfish walking down the street. Growing up in New Orleans that wasn't too rare because our backyard had several tunnels growing out of the ground, but I have never seen one here in Florida. It is a very minor sighting compared to the neighbor's bear and 13 foot Burmese Python. Yes, things in Florida can eat you, and don't forget sharks and alligators.
So to work on the sketchbook, only 7 pages to go. More postings of previous pages...
Happy Birthday Mia.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In the beginning ...there was a blog.

Starting a blog and finishing the moleskin journal to be sent to the Sketchbook Project at the Art House in Atlanta. It must be postmarked the 15th so the last pages are being gessoed to give the delicate paper some weight and to give me the ability to use ink and not have it bleed through.

The theme for the journals is "People I Know." I have gone with people I know of, professions and types of people. As soon as I can I will download some samples. Actually as soon as I figure it out. Meanwhile updates are in order for the website at