Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring has sprung

The accountant and crook journal pages were created on the gray gesso as a background. Pictures from the Wall Street Journal of Bernie were used for the crook. Sudoku as well as a copyright free drawing were part of the accountant page. The lumber jack is a composite of paper patterns and copyright free face. The trees are cut paper with marker drawn tree rings, all on top of more colored paper. The fine white paper is too thin for the kind of thing I like to do. An extra layer either through gesso or paint or actual sheets of paper was a necessity.
I used scrapbook adhesive tabs to apply paper to French door windows that separate the studio from the rest of the house. It was so simple and blocks the view for night lights. As the huge plants that provide a screen die back the view to the street becomes more clear.
Melvin is definitely back on the drafting table.

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