Monday, October 5, 2009

Citrus on black paper

In a recent comment I made on another artist's blog I mentioned how I start my new paintings. I take the paint remaining on my palette from my last piece and spread it over the new canvas. In doing this I have found myself starting on interesting colored backgrounds. When I didn't have a palette to clean I was using dark colors, even black. So leap forward to just using black paper to start with. This painting is of the citrus trees in our garden. The bluebirds represent a spirit that watches over me. I used acrylic paint on the 18"x22" black paper. Then outlined each element in white gelly roll ink (still love that stuff). It has a batik like appearance. You can click on the photo to see it in detail.A new method to explore.


  1. omg i love that. very very very cool. do a TON more of these.

  2. Thank you I will. Think ladies on the beach too.

  3. You really hit it with the batik description-- and I really love the 'non-bottle' colors. I have 'rebottled' some of my own mixes when I mix a color that I like-- (I wish there was a formula for what colors just 'click'!) Really nice piece-- has a feel that's both electric and meditative at the same time!