Monday, April 12, 2010

Winging away is the wingback

The Chair 4 Charity for the Mustard Seed auction is complete. I have cut out more little birds than I ever thought imaginable. I must say until I added the bird lady on the seat I wasn't satisfied with the direction my zippy chair was headed. I am so driven by color and balancing the weight of color in a composition that my eye wasn't happy. The bright lady and her avian friends help the chairs with their Florida hued gams stand straighter and together as a picture worth taking. The pillow has taken its structured shape with an actual chair cushion filling out its interior with little hand painted ties to keep it in place when a more serious tone is desired. How can turquoise birds on a hot pink pillow be the serious side?
Sealed in polyurethane my friend the chair is ready to go to his next home. We have had a good time challenging each other, it will be a fond farewell.
Ciao chair...the wingback takes flight.

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