Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Step 4 in the chair for charity

Step 4 in the chair transformation is what I have pictured to the left. The first shot is the beginning of the painting I am doing for a chair cushion. I found the pillow at Ross for $6.99. There were pillows in a variety of shapes and colors. I was drawn to the bright Florida colors in this polyester, shiny fabric. The acrylic paint was absorbed to some degree, but once it was sated the extra color dried on the surface giving an illusion of depth. A few more coats for that. The chair is now sporting lots of birds and some bright paint. I will begin to incorporate my paint style into the chair itself. Acrylic paint and small brushes to the rescue.


  1. Beth, I wish I could into your studio and sit down here! I've been spending a lot of time when I drive across the causeway between Davis and Sacramento staring at egrets. Your work reminds me of those waterways.

  2. thank you Hannah! Hope your program went well.