Monday, January 16, 2012

Creative Bang

2011 ended with a creative bang. This portrait of our neighbor's 14 year old son was a surprise gift. It was so much fun to take up brushes and paint a likeness. There will be more of these in the future with the new series I am in the planning stages of.
Also over the holidays my son and I created a painting for another family member. Each evening one of us would disappear into the studio to create.
We alternated working on the canvas, not allowing the other to see until we were finished for that session.
These are some of the stages we went through before we came to the final product.


  1. This family portrait is marvelous Beth. Harold and the mice make a wonderful pairing. would love to see more of these too!

  2. I loved seeing the progression of the painting you and your son did! I could feel the joy you experienced. What a great idea. I am sure the recipient of that gift was thrilled!