Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Bright Lady

I was painting this lady as I listened to an audio book about women in China. The descriptions of their brightly colored clothes stuck with me as I came to this dress. As the story developed there were many good-byes and that stuck with me too. As this woman leaves the farm she waves as the wind carries her away.

copyright 2011 Beth Crews Rommel
acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas 16"x 20"


  1. Beth--it is good to see your painting! I'm taken with the patterns in the woman's blouse and skirt--they draw me in (no pun intended).
    What book were you reading that inspired her?

  2. Hi Hannah...I was listening to Shanghai Girls. I really think time flies when I paint to an audio book. My brain needs several places to be at one time. Ha..draw me in..hope your week is going soon

  3. Hi Beth - it's so much fun how the story worked it's way beautifully into your painting.

    I like to give that part of my brain something to do while I'm painting too. It keeps me from getting too critical.

  4. Hi Beth!
    I loved their work, are very creative and very original.
    Visit my blog.
    Greetings from Brazil.