Monday, March 8, 2010

The Ladies Share their Messages Without Me

My two friends "Lady of the Stars" and "Protector of the Night Sailors" have found new homes. They were part of the opening at Artistree Co-op last Saturday evening. The rest of their friends can be viewed for the month of March at 1600 Edgewater.
Years ago I saw a PBS special called Genesis by Bill Moyers. He had a very interesting take on creating art. He, not I, compared it to Adam and Eve and God. The idea that an artist creates a piece and molds it to communicate his message was nothing new. Sending the piece out into the world to meet new people, new challenges, and to deliver its own message without its creator was a fresh take. I would never be so bold as to compare myself or any artist to God. As I metphorically wave good-bye to these two ladies I am a little wistful. I enjoyed their presence and the stories they created on their own after I had put my brush away.

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