Monday, October 31, 2011


Having spent so much time in Santa Fe surrounded by American Indian art I find myself using elements of it in my creations.

This is the "Storyteller".

The storyteller dolls in New Mexico are from the Pueblo people. The dolls are typically surrounded by figures who are listening to their tales. My woman is carrying her listeners along as she explores and finds new stories.

This is a bit autobiographical....and will be seen at the Swan Coach House Gallery show later this month. She measures 8" x 8" on a gallery wrapped canvas of 11/2" depth.

copyright Beth Crews Rommel 2011


  1. I like the simple format of this piece; your explanation only adds to the pleasure of looking at it:)

  2. Your image embodies how stories sweep us up and carry us along - and as usual, wonderful color!

  3. Thank you California contingent! I appreciate your kindness always.