Tuesday, May 3, 2011


In the midst of the insanity that a move makes there comes a stirring of the heart. A little distraction from contracts and irrational sellers was a welcome thing. At this point I reintroduce the Dynamic Duo collaboration I have been working on with friend and fellow artist, M.K. Shaw. The discussions began in the midst of visits by realtors in both our homes. The importance of a home, a nest, is embedded in all of us. A "safe place to fall" as has been said. Especially now I want to curl up in my home and never leave, but times are what they are and it is time in my mobile society to move on.

This is how our piece came to be. The nest, the little colorful bird, her treasure hidden away in the niches, the sky in which to fly, and the quote you have read in my post before, "Home's not merely four square walls, home is where affection calls" define where I am.

photo: Beth (left) and M.K. Shaw with "Home". The day the piece is being shipped to Connecticut's Celebrations Gallery.


  1. Wow, what a great piece Beth. I love the sentiment behind it.

  2. Beth, this is a double hitter--a great post and a great piece. Your words "it is time in my mobile society to move on" are powerful and speak to both the public and a particular sense of moving on.

    I find myself wondering what nest the piece might land in, post show, blessing the owners with its tranquility.

  3. What a wonderful piece of art and how powerful, given what you both have been experiencing! I am sure "Home" will bring peace and joy wherever it is!

    Happy Mother's Day Beth! (Loved seeing you in the photo!)

  4. Thank you all for your encouragement. The three of you are so understanding of what a mom needs to feel settled...her children and a nest...love to you all...