Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Masa Paper Tutorial

Several members of the Lascaux Society met at my home a few weeks ago for a workshop on the use of Masa paper. Our teachers are artists who use this inexpensive paper in collages and as paintings alone. Each 21.5" x 31" sheet costs less than a dollar. One side is smooth the reverse has a little bit of "tooth".

Step 1. Crumple paper then smooth it out on a flat surface.
Step 2. Spray with water to moisten surface.
Step 3. Paint loosely with diluted watercolor or acrylic paint.
Step 4. Blot, wrinkle again, fold again...flatten again.
Step 5. Repeat painting and wrinkling until you have the desired effect.
Paper dries in about 20 minutes, either start over, add ink, use as desired. You may also use a mask to protect some unpainted areas. This is fun and freeing.

I used some of the paper to fill in areas on the bird. I tore it and applied it with acrylic medium.


  1. I really like this effect, and actually, I've never heard of that paper--is it easy to find?

  2. Hi Dianne,
    I believe most art supply stores carry it. It is very similar to butcher paper in weight. I can't believe how easy it was and fun. Take care.

  3. Beth,

    This effect is even more lovely than I imagined it. More to follow?

  4. Beautiful. You always have something so creative going on. - Nanci

  5. hey Beth,

    I thought I'd left a comment earlier--but probably captcha caught it...Any way--the masa paper is more lovely than I imagined it and someday when we get to meet in person--we'll have to go knee deep in this project!