Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tulips together

I am grateful I have Valentines. My wonderful children sent me these magnificent tulips for Valentines Day. They have opened over the last few days and been wondrous each hour. Several years ago in a painting class we were painting unopened tulips. As the class progressed the tulips began to open toward the large light source. It was beautiful, like a nature film. Did you see the Vancouver opening ceremonies last night? It was a spectacular nature film unto itself. Be sure to watch it somewhere, somehow. My other Valentine and I watched it after attending a Valentine gathering at the Artistree Co-op.


  1. Happy Valentines Day Beth!

    I love tulips and during my "flower" class it was fun to watch the tulips open and become more beautiful as the day progressed.

  2. Thank you Dianne. Tulips are probably my all time favorite flowers. The variety of colors and frills are an artist's dream. Take care.